I genuinely believe that we’re living inside a simulation (think of it as a virtual machine), but that it’ll be very hard (or impossible?) to hack our way out of it, because we only have a shared state in common (memory addresses?), and the hypervisor is way too strict to let us play with the register. So in the meantime, I build things (often with the purpose of destroying other things), and work on what I think is interesting, challenging and potentially impactful on a civilizational level. I casually post things here and rarely take time to redraft what I write, but I am trying to get better at it.

I also believe that we’re witnessing an unprecedented western decadence, and that we need to do all we can to preserve American/western supremacy and dominance (mostly in terms of talent and technology). All cultures are not equal, and some are better than others. We can’t afford to let rogue states steer our future. The best way to do this is to create a generation of independant thinkers and to revive the American industrial dynamism, instead of telling every kid that they should pursue their dream of becoming streamers and influencers (not so long ago the typical answer was astronaut!). I am a card carrying member of the “mission-focused” club, but I am making a meteor sized exception for this, and I’m only doing it because I want to signal that you can work in tech and think a bit differently. The tech industry is vastly monocultural despite claiming the opposite, and imposing one model of thinking at work is the closest the modern west has been to fascism. My personal political views however have absolutely nothing to do with my company. You can work there if you’re a democrat, a marxist, or a fish, as long as you’re a good hacker who’s able to work with other hackers. Seriously, nobody cares about your views if you’re cool or refreshingly smart.

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